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Chain maintenance for bulldozer parts

The chain is one of the important components of the bulldozer's accessories. Its existence is very important for improving the working efficiency of the bulldozer and shortening the working time. However, in its work, it is a wear and tear, and it is very susceptible to wear. Injury, in order to ensure its life, we need to do a good job of its maintenance, then we will talk about how to carry out maintenance work on the chain of bulldozer parts.

The chain of the bulldozer is generally a ring-shaped product made of metal. The wear caused by the collision of the chain during operation is very serious, so it is necessary to apply some lubricating oil to it to ensure the reduction of wear. For bulldozer chains, it is easier to lubricate the rollers and sprockets, but it is more difficult to lubricate the chain and bushings. Therefore, it is required that the lubricating oil must ensure good permeability, otherwise the shaft and the sleeve should not be well lubricated. Have excellent adhesion.

In addition, when the sprocket is working, the lubricating oil will be detached due to the high speed, and the lubricating oil will flow due to the gravity at low speed; therefore, the accessory manufacturer will require the lubricant to be used with good adhesion and It can be firmly adhered to the surface to avoid the problem of detachment.

The above is about the method of maintenance work on the chain of bulldozer parts. I hope that when you carry out maintenance work, you can pay more attention to it and effectively extend the use time of the chain.