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Maintenance work for excavator parts

1. Do a good job of cleaning. After each day of operation, the machine is driven away from the work site in a hot state, the screed is raised, and the hopper, screed, scraper, spiral distributor, walking system, tamper and frame are surrounded by tools. The parts with residual asphalt are cleaned off. In addition to the special blade, if necessary, the injector can be sprayed with diesel to carry out the flushing of the parts.

2. Check the accessories regularly. Immediately eliminate the detected faults; check the oil leakage of all parts of the hydraulic system of the accessory and remove it in time; check the fuel, lubricant, hydraulic oil and engine coolant level and add according to the regulations; check the lubrication stock of the centralized lubrication butter pump and add resistance High temperature grease; check the reliability of each accessory and control parts. If it is a wheel type, check the tire pressure; check the lighting, audio signal and the safety guards of all parts are complete; check the engine working condition.

3, do a good job of lubrication of the accessories. Lubricate the lubrication according to the lubrication cycle, method and specified grease specified by the manufacturer. Always clean the nozzle thoroughly before filling. To prevent dust from entering the lubrication area. This work is carried out after the completion of the work is the best time, the main content of the lubrication operation is the lubrication points outside the centralized lubrication system and the lubrication parts with special requirements. It is forbidden to make the accessory grease pump idling, otherwise the air will be brought into the butter tube, which will affect the lubrication quality and cause the bearing to be damaged. In case the air enters the grease pump, it must be manually vented. When adding butter, it must be cleaned, otherwise the grease pump check valve and seal ring will be damaged. The damage caused is not covered by the warranty.

4. Regularly tighten the parts. The fasteners of the accessory feeding system and the running mechanism are focused on vibration, vibrating and ironing devices. After the work is completed, the cleaning work is checked together, and it is found that the looseness is tightened, and if it is lost, it is filled. The above operations should be carried out after the completion of the work to ensure that the next day can work normally, but will be re-examined before the next day to ensure that the paver can reliably complete the day's paving work.