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How does the excavator relieve the damage of spare parts?

      Excavator parts manufacturers suggest that everyone must pay attention to the maintenance of spare parts, which can greatly improve the utilization rate of components. Some parts can not be damaged due to habitual application, so how to reduce the damage of spare parts? ?

     First of all, after applying the excavator parts, people must immediately carry out maintenance on the excavator parts, because this part must be touched with raw materials for a long time, it is very easy to be destroyed due to some watery or corrosive raw materials. In particular, some locations are more vulnerable, so they must be carefully checked daily and maintained on a quarterly basis. According to different application constructors to select different types of parts and components, this component is divided into many different types of specifications, they use different raw materials, different production processes, for different mining objects. In order to reduce the serious wear of the excavator parts, our daily maintenance work must be in place.